November 29, 2021
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What’s the Real Worth of Buying an Automatic Breast Pump?

For working mothers, a breast pump can make work incredibly easy. Ideally, it comes with many conveniences – pumping milk and then storing it for later use. This allows mothers to return to work earlier while providing breast milk to their babies. There are some special circumstances when you can consider using automatic breast pumps. Such circumstances include:

When you deliver earlier than expected

If you deliver before the due date, your preterm baby may be too weak to suckle. In this case, you can use a breast pump to get milk out of your breast and then give it to the baby.

Working mothers

After delivery, mothers normally take a few months of maternity leave. However, this may not apply to all mothers. Some may resume work a little earlier or even immediately after delivery. Here, you may need to express milk for your baby to have food throughout the day while you are away.

If you have lots of milk

Some mothers have a high flow of milk than needed. If you are such a mother, you might consider expressing the milk and feeding it with the baby later.

Are you having twin twins? It would be great if you thought of buying an automatic breast pump because breastfeeding two babies can be extremely tiring. A breast pump will help you express the milk and feeding it to your babies when they are hungry.

Benefits of Using Automatic Breast Pumps

Both the mother and the baby can immensely benefit from breast pumps. Notably, mothers who cannot breastfeed can afford to give breast milk to their children. This prevents giving a baby artificial milk formula. Any mother using or intending to use a breast pump has the following benefits:

Ability to control feeding times

Since you’ll be having expressed breast milk, you can easily control or set a feeding schedule for your baby. Typically, you become more organized on when and how to feed your child.

Can increase milk supply

You can breastfeed your baby and thereafter pump the remaining milk. This increases the milk supply, which ensures that there is available food for your baby when they need it. Again, this can help to deal with low milk supply issues.

Working mothers’ babies get breast milk

Work can keep you extremely busy, which gives you less time with your baby. In most cases, you may opt for formula milk. However, with automatic breast pumps, you can express milk for your baby. So, a breast pump can give you the freedom to work or run an errand while feeding your baby with breast milk the whole day.

Circumvents medical conditions

In some cases, your baby may not be able to suckle, or you may not be able to breastfeed. Now, expressing the milk and bottle feeding the baby remains the viable option here.

Remember, an automatic breast pump works faster, so it can help mothers who are always busy to get the milk out more quickly. Besides, you can find these pumps in various sizes and models. You can buy a hospital grade pump or a dual pump. And cleaning them is usually a breeze because some come with wipes and microwave steam bags.

Again, if you are always on the move with your baby, a portable automatic pump might be very beneficial since it is easy to carry. Pumps that have ice bags are a better choice because they help you keep expressed breastmilk cool.

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