April 19, 2021
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Tattoo Studio Gold Coast

Many among us see our bodies as a black canvas. To get inked is something that we all want, but to find the best place and a tattooist is not an easy task. But Gold Coast tattoo studios have some of the well-respected and very best-inked people in the business. So you can head to the Gold Coast when you’re ready to make your next life-long commitment.

The Gold Coast tattoo family was established in 1985 by a famous tattooist, Paul Braniff. He died in 2016 and his sons who very capable, continue his work. Now his sons are some of the best tattooists on the Gold Coast. Later they opened three studios. These studios are amongst the best in Australia, and hundreds of people get their tattoos done from these studios. They have specialists who can give different types of tattoos and can compete with one of the best tattooists in the world. They take part in different competitions, nationally and internationally. Not only that, they all are members of the Australian Tattooist Guide (ATG).

Tattooists at Gold Coast


Coast Gold has one of the best tattooists in the world. They are the best skilled and professionals. They have specialised in all areas of tattooing; from colour realism, Japanese, old school, portraits and more. Some of the big names are:

Josh Kuhne is a famous tattoo artist and owns a famous tattoo company at Gold Coast. He is specialised in colour realism.

Paul Braniff was the pioneer of tattooing on the Gold Coast and made a tattoo company. He passed in 2016, and the studio is now run by his sons, Luke and Ben.

Other famous names are Pommie Paul, Franck, Nixx and Robin, who are famous for colour portraits, realism, or black and grey portraits, Chicano or realistic cars, colour explosions respectively.

Shaun Bones is an award-winning artist at a much-loved tattoo studio. He is a specialist in all kinds of styles.



People choose to go to the studio that provides them with every best service possible and top tattoo studios in Gold Coast provide one of the best facilities. One of the studios is not just famous for tattoos but also produces customised car strips, banners and hand-drawn logo signs and many more. They also provide the best atmosphere for their customers.

The artists have the best designs to offer, and you can also get tattoos of your choice by giving your designs. Some studios provide laser removal and barber services, along with tattoo services. The studio tattooists also take part in different art competitions. Recently a famous studio took part in street art competition.

In Gold Coast, tattoo studios appointments are not required for most of the tattoos. The studios remain open seven days a week for the customers. These studios provide the best quality and services to their customers. It surely is a memorable experience to get a tattoo from these studios. The company claims that you cannot leave our studios without getting a tattoo.

Getting a tattoo from a cheaper studio can lead to skin cancer, but these studios can guarantee the best facilities. These studios also provide internet services where people can get bookings according to their schedules. This is amongst the best possible facilities for people with a busy schedule.


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