September 21, 2021
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Free in Sharm: on holiday on the Red Sea without paying

But the figures are not yet those of the past. That’s why, among the many initiatives, there is one that will not leave indifferent: children up to 16 yearswill be able to go on holiday to Sharm el-Sheik for free in June and July 2018.

A family with teen children, therefore, to spend the summer holidays on the Red Sea this summer will pay only for their stay and not that of the boys.

The idea came to the owner of one of the most famous resorts in Sharm, Domina Coral Bay, the same that a few years ago had even given travel to Egypt , including the plane, just to get the Italians to crowd the beaches.

Among other incentives there are some gratuities for those who choose Sharm for their summer holidays: customers who book a stay at the Domina Coral Bay from 4 to 18 June have included an excursion aboard a yatch to go to the discovery of the seabed of the Red Sea.

Other discounts are reserved for groups, over 65 and those who choose this destination for their honeymoon , while those who go there alone do not pay any surcharge.

Moreover, from July, every week there will be a thousand seats on flights to Sharm departing from six Italian airports, Milan, Verona, Rome, Naples, Bari and Catania. If you have not yet booked your summer vacation destination, let us have a little thought.

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