November 29, 2021
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Dealing with the oldest and notorious disease: tooth decay

Did you know that tooth decay ranks among topmost communal diseases in our societies today ranking second to the common cold? It can now be agreed that brushing, flossing and keeping off sugary food is not enough to keep your teeth healthy. Your dentist may give you some additional pointers you missed out on teeth maintenance, including recommending products that do mitigate your risk levels. To stay safe, you should be inclined more on improving your protection strategies and at the same time reducing the pathogenic end. Doing all of this is tough if you do not have a trusted dentist besides you to guide you through the entire process. It is the reason why you need to book in for dental surgery and maintain strong but healthy teeth.

Why you should amplify prevention techniques

  • To protect your teeth from developing caries

Fluoride and sealants are the two most used techniques today in teeth protection from decay. Fluoride is applied onto the crystalline structure of the teeth, and the enamel surface allows the incorporation of fluoride ions onto its surface. Studies depict that low fluoride doses are very safe and efficient in the prevention of tooth decay. Sealants, on the other hand, work side by side with fluoride only that they seal the fissures and small pits on the teeth structure where decay forms.

  • Mark and mitigate bacteria secreting acids

When going through oral tests at your dentist’s, these bacteria should be identified and protective products administered to reduce their effects. The concentration of these bacteria can be further broken down through the use of antibacterial mouthwashes, for instance, chlorhexidine. Protection extends to young infants who when born are bacteria-free but get to contract them through contact with the mother’s saliva.

  • To have control of your diet


It is only through prevention that you can identify food that may pose a threat to your dental health. Carbohydrates and sugar often get fermented by the bacteria in your mouth produce acids. This presents the need for people to cut down on refined sugars and opt for natural sugars found in fruits and few vegetables. If possible, avoid snacking between meals as that may take your saliva up to half an hour to fully neutralise, a favourable condition for budding of decay.

Tips to consider when choosing your dentist



Ensure your doctor is fully trained from well-known institutions within or out of your state. You can confirm their word by checking their academic credentials which need to be valid and from recognised institutions. This prevents wasting time and finances on an untrained fraudster.


Licensing is also another method of proving validity since no untrained person could be given a permit to treat anyone. Find out if they are licensed and allowed to practise dentistry in your state or else you may risk being stolen from.



Unfortunately, dentists choose the pricing structure to adhere to, but the comparison can always help you know where to go. Use your budget to guide you to the most affordable rates. Remember cheap is always expensive and that does not mean you should go for the costly dentists. By comparing their prices, you can easily determine the dentists charging averagely and scheduling an appointment with them.



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