November 29, 2021
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Combating Tooth Decay

The major reason why many people visit a dentist’s office is to help overcome tooth decay. However, most of the time the dental carries are so deeply ingrained into the tooth the dentist can’t do a great deal and might have to opt for a root canal to save the tooth or if that’s not possible, removal of the decayed tooth. Tooth removal is done to prevent the decay from spreading to the other teeth.

In order to understand how tooth decay actually takes place it’s important to go through the following facts:

  • Our mouth is an ecosystem which has different organisms interacting at a constant pace. The outer covering of the tooth is composed of a nonliving matter known as the enamel.
  • Not looking after the teeth or not brushing the teeth regularly can cause tartar, a thin film to cover the enamel. The tartar has bacteria which slowly grow and tart destroying the enamel
  • When the enamel is destroyed, the tooth is exposed to all the bacteria in the mouth which can slowly cause decay or dental carries to form of the destroyed tooth. Sometimes the tooth is so far gone that it’s almost impossible to save it even with a root canal.
  • However it should be kept in mind that not everyone is at risk of developing dental carries. There are people who just don’t get cavities despite poor brushing habits. Sometimes people even with proper care might have to face dental problems. But it’s a fact that caring for the teeth can help keep the decay at bay.

Preventing tooth decay

The risk of tooth decay can be avoided by following these guidelines:

  • Teeth can benefit from an application of fluoride. It is applied topically to the crystalline structure as soon as the teeth start erupting. The tooth surface at this time is susceptible thus would allow the ions to flow into the tooth structure. This in turn would help strengthen the tooth from the very start.
  • Once the fluoride has been applied, the tooth is then given extra protection in form of a sealant. This prevents the fluoride from escaping.
  • The next step is to prevent the bacterial growth in the mouth. Your dentist would carry out a survey of your teeth and remove some saliva to identify the exact type of bacteria in the mouth. They would then take the necessary steps of preventing the formation of the bacteria in the mouth.
  • The bacteria can be prevented by rinsing the mouth with antibacterial mouth washes.
  • Controlling the diet can also help keep the bacteria in check. It’s better to avoid food which is too sweet and sugary. It normally causes dental carries in young children as well. Also the habit of brushing teeth after meals can be a great preventive measure.

It should be kept in mind that treatment administered at the right time can prevent tooth decay. Make sure you locate a dentist in Maroubra to help get rid of dental carries.

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